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My very first case is "ME"

My Condition

I have very sensitive skin, therefore resulting in constant rashes and blisters on my body and face. I tried everything from expensive creams and lotions, facial treatments, Chinese medicine and steroids etc.. Nothing seemed to work, and if they did, they were only short term solutions.


About ten years ago, I researched Aromatherapy and chose to study on a course, so that I could understand how to use essential oils to help my condition. What I found, was the one sustainable solution to my problem.

Approach & Timeline

I tried a number of oils from multiple brands, the results from each varied significantly. I travelled to Taiwan, France and the UK searching for high-quality therapeutic oils to address my own problems, and in the end, found affordable and reliable products to treat my conditions at Penny Price. 


This is me now, a far more confident individual. 


Now a qualified aromatherapist, I dedicate my time helping others to use aromatherapy to overcome their health and skin problems. To achieve this, I have set-up a Professional Aromatherapy Academy in HK. Educating people to use and incorporate aromatherapy into their lives.

My Approach

Skin Consultation

Our unique 5 step skin consultation system produces outstanding results – covering anti-ageing, wounds and ulcers, just to mention a few. With my understanding and expertise in aromatherapy, I continue to research natural ingredients to address different skin conditions and produce tailor-made treatments for my clients.

Our treatment program includes the following steps:

  • Assessment (skin, lifestyle and other Q&A)

  • Treatment Plan (approach and formulation)

  • Validation (patch test)

  • Reassessment (reassess approach and formula)

  • Optimisation (continuously optimize formula)

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